New Year's Resolutions for Non-Traditional Students

Posted by Allison Leach on Jan 6, 2017 6:00:00 PM


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CCPE Offers Holiday Pricing on Non-Credit Online Courses

Posted by Allison Leach on Nov 29, 2016 5:00:00 PM

The holiday season is upon us, and with it, a desire to select interesting and appropriate gifts for friends and family. This year, the College of Charleston Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) is encouraging SPS blog readers to give the gift of continuing education, offering special holiday pricing on several non-credit courses. 

The CCPE cotinually offers a selection of over 250 individual non-credit courses, including those which target highly sought-after professional skills, as well as courses designed for personal enrichment. The instructor-led courses are all held exclusively online, and allow students to move at their own pace - ideal for students with limited leisure time.

While all of the offered courses are economically priced, the CCPE is currently offering a holiday discount on five popular courses, extending their Black Friday Sale through December 15th.  
Below we have highlighted some of the features and benefits of the non-credit online offerings:

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Authentic Leadership Through Personal Branding

Posted by Allison Leach on Nov 16, 2016 8:33:20 PM

On November 18th, the School of Professional Studies will be offering "Authentic Leadership + Personal Branding," the final session in the 2016 Next Level Leadership Series.  Spaces are still available for this hands-on workshop; to register please visit our registration page, or see the Next Level Leadership website for additional information.

The term “personal branding” has been used to describe the process of marketing oneself and one’s career, in the same manner that one might promote a brand.  Personal branding has become particularly important in the 21st century, as professional and social networking demands that individuals “package” themselves and build a cohesive and engaging online presence.  “In today’s world, its important to develop your own brand: who you are, what you’re good at,” says leadership coach Amy Caffee.  “There are opportunities
available, but you aren’t physically there; your impression will be based
on your digital presence.”

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Empowerment and Imagination

Posted by Allison Leach on Nov 10, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Photo of the Sottile Theater courtesy of College Today.

The following feature was previously published on our blog in March, 2016

A cramped auditorium.  An audience of third-graders.  A fifth grade play.
These are some of the images that come to mind when Dr. Alice Hamilton recalls one of the defining moments in her life.  That day, in the midst of her fidgeting classmates, Hamilton sat rapt with attention as she watched the play unfold. Enchanted by her schoolmates’ performance, she had been initiated to the transformative power of the theatre.

“I was excruciatingly shy in front of crowds,” explains Hamilton, who has served as Director of the CofC Center for Continuing and Professional Education since 2013.  “But as I watched those kids, I realized that I could do anything.  I  just needed to be portaying a character on stage."  A passion for the dramatic arts soon developed, and Hamilton seized every opportunity to practice her developing craft.  It was this desire that led 13 -year-old Hamilton to a University of New Brunswick workshop, where she would meet the woman who would shape the course her professional life.

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Why Choose a Degree Completion Program?

Posted by Allison Leach on Nov 1, 2016 5:00:11 PM

The following article,  originally published on  our blog in Spring 2016, highlights the benefits of enrolling in a degree completion program.  The School of Professional Studies is currently accepting applications for the Spring I (January 11) and Spring II (March 3) sessions, and will soon be accepting applications for Fall 2017.

If someone were looking to complete his or her bachelor’s degree, it seems only logical that he or she would seek out a program specifically designed to help with this process. Yet many prospective students are not even aware that such an option exists, or may question he authenticity of a non-traditional program.
Degree completion programs at non-profit schools provide the same level of difficulty, the same calibre of instructors, and the same access to resources as traditional degree programs. The difference lies in the scheduling of the courses, the cohort demographics - and in some cases - the method of delivery. As with traditional courses of study, degree completion programs can offer a credential in a singular discipline, such as psychology, or can be interdisciplinary, such as a Bachelor of Pofessional Studies.

The College of Charleston School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers a degree completion option in its Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program: a course of study designed to help non-traditional students achieve a healthy school/life balance.

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School of Professional Studies Offers Reduced Tuition for Degree Completion Candidates

Posted by Allison Leach on Oct 20, 2016 2:24:06 PM

This past Spring, the CofC Board of Trustees a  tuition reduction of approximately 20%,  exclusively for students in the SPS’ Bachelor of Professional Studies program.  This reduction was proposed in recognition of the unique circumstances presented by non-traditional students, and was instituted in Fall 2016. 

Today, we are re-posting the information we shared about the tutition reduction earlier this year.  Specific details about tuition rates and application deadlines for the upcoming Spring I and Spring II (2017) semesters may be found on our website.

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Dr. Pam Mayer: Maximizing Leadership Potential

Posted by Allison Leach on Sep 22, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Within every human being lies a well of untapped capabilities, waiting for the right circumstances to bring them to the fore. 

This theory has long inspired Dr. Pam Mayer, an adjunct professor at the College of Charleston, who from her earliest academic pursuits, sought to guide individuals in realizing their full potential.  A psychologist by training, Dr. Mayer  focused her career primarily on leadership development, helping executives to increase their overall effectiveness, and devising curricula and instruments for industry-wide use.

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Daniela Goya-Tocchetto: Helping Students Understand Human Behavior

Posted by Allison Leach on Sep 2, 2016 3:00:15 PM

From her early days growing up in the large urban city of Porto Alegre, the capital of the southernmost state in Brazil, Dr. Daniela Goya-Tocchetto has had a passion for learning.  This passion, combined with a desire to gain a better understanding of disparate peoples and cultures, led Goya-Tocchetto to devote her life and career to the interdisciplinary study of human behavior.

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Time Management Tips for Non-Traditional Students

Posted by Allison Leach on Aug 23, 2016 7:00:00 PM

According to a study conducted by Georgetown University (2015), 70-80% of college students are engaged in some form of employment, with approximately 25% of students simultaneously working full-time and attending school full-time.  Although work experience can have a positive effect both on what one is learning in related coursework, and on career prospects post-graduation, the realities of balancing school and work can present significant challenges.  Non-traditional students may be at even greater risk for facing such obstacles, as they often also must attend to family responsiblities.

Whether you are an adult student returning to college after some time away, or have been in school consistently over the past few years, the beginning of a new semester presents a perfect opportunity for developing a time management strategy.  This strategy should allow you to clearly assess your priorities, see exactly how much time you have available in a given day (or week, or month), and help you to adjust your schedule to best achieve your goals.

The 6 tips below - along with additional resources from the College of Charleston Center for Student Learning - should assist you in developing an effective time management plan.

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10 Back-To-School Tips for Non-Traditional Students

Posted by Allison Leach on Aug 5, 2016 5:00:00 PM

With summer winding to a close, students of all ages are busy with back-to-school preparations. While for adult students, the days of excitedly selecting a new lunch box may be long gone, the anticipation that accompanies a new school year remains.

In the hopes that our adult students will begin the school year on the path to success, we suggest the following back-to-school preparation strategies:

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